What will I do

A few weeks ago I've found out that, of course, I have to pay Visa for all the countries I want to visit. I've talked with someone who travelled exactly the way I want to go with his car. He said he paid around 1500-2000€ for that.

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Inspired to music

After playing guitar for eight years, I was inspired by a nice person. Since I met her, I really want to learn more about music, guitar and rhythm.

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An encounter with a heartwarming women in Germany/Lüneburg

On July 22nd, I had a remarkable encounter with a person named Jenny at the Loving Hut restaurant in Germany/Lüneburg. As I engaged in conversation with my friends about my travels, Jenny came inside and ordered a burger. Jenny followed me outside after I said goodbye and wished a good meal and began sharing her own captivating stories as a backpacker. She recounted her journeys through China, tracing her roots to her Chinese heritage, and her adventures across America, which inspired me. China is a country which I want to visit some day because of learning QiGong.

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