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A fascinating journey through Africa.


Sailing - São Tomé

After an 8-day voyage to Sao Tomé, we were surprised by a violent storm just off the island, which caused us to drift away from the island. In the midst of this ordeal, we also lost the jib, the foremost sail of our ship. But the journey that soon ended was an unrivalled lesson about sailing, the wind and the sea...

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Sailing - Sierra Leone

An unexpected turn of events on the high seas: when we had to make a stopover in Sierra Leone on our direct course to Sao Tomé due to doldrums and an overstressed engine, nobody had any idea what lay ahead of us. A radio message sent too late meant that we were unexpectedly placed under arrest. But the biggest surprise was yet to come...

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Sailing - Lanzarote

When our GPS failed, the delivery time for a new antenna forced us to spend three weeks on Lanzarote. But what looked like a delay turned out to be a time full of unexpected encounters and valuable experiences...

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Sailing - Spain

On 18 January, I set sail with four other adventurers on a majestic old Scottish 20-metre concrete sailing ship. What was planned as a three-week voyage unfolded into an epic five-month expedition that took us all the way to Sao Tomé in west-central Africa. But the journey was anything but smooth...

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From the Pyrenees to the streets of Tarragona: a journey full of spontaneous encounters and unforgettable moments, from picturesque sunrises to warm invitations to dinner and street music in Tarragona

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From Normandy to the Pyrenees: an autumn adventure in France full of spirituality, tranquillity and animal encounters on an idyllic farm. However, I didn't expect the gift from the donkey.

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About me

I would describe myself as an explorer and a boundless dreamer. Since leaving the German system in June 2023, I have been travelling through Europe and Africa, from the forest paths and roads, across the seas to the fascinating coasts and cultures of Africa. My goal? To reveal the worlds beauty and diversity and to captivate and inspire everyone with my passion for the unknown.

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