Sailing - Lanzarote

Published on 10 March 2024 at 16:21

When our GPS failed, the delivery time for a new antenna forced us to spend three weeks on Lanzarote. But what looked like a delay turned out to be a time full of unexpected encounters and valuable experiences...

Our time on Lanzarote was an unexpected gift when we had to make a three-week stopover due to a delay in the delivery of our GPS antenna. Here I met a remarkable sailing family who I consider to be some of the best neighbours you could wish for. We had a great time together and I spent almost every day teaching one of the children to play the guitar. I was rewarded with fun, games and delicious food. You are great people!

The weeks flew by and soon we sailed on to the welcoming Cape Verde Islands and finally to Guinea-Bissau, where another four-week stay awaited us. Here, too, we shared confined spaces and intense moments that showed me how important it is to accept yourself, stay calm and accept. Especially in the vastness of the ocean, you can least use arguments.

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