Sailing - Spain

Published on 10 February 2024 at 17:43

On 18 January, I set sail with four other adventurers on a majestic old Scottish 20-metre concrete sailing ship. What was planned as a three-week voyage unfolded into an epic five-month expedition that took us all the way to Sao Tomé in west-central Africa. But the journey was anything but smooth...

The first few hours at sea were a brutal introduction to sailing: even the slightest swaying made me feel seasick. And at night, sailing was at its best: rough and short waves, icy winds with speeds of 50-60 knots and an unexpected problem with the mainsail: the knot on the halyard (the rope) had come loose.

We stopped in two harbours and made repairs until we sailed from Gibralta, into the impressive Atlantic, to Huelva (Spain). There we dropped off a crew member and set course for Morocco.

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