Published on 18 January 2024 at 13:26

From the Pyrenees to the streets of Tarragona: a journey full of spontaneous encounters and unforgettable moments, from picturesque sunrises to warm invitations to dinner and street music in Tarragona

But soon everything will change for me.

My journey through the Pyrenees took me to Spain, where I was warmly invited for a coffee right at the start. Still carrying a heavy backpack, I hitchhiked on to Navas, where I slept on the edge of a field in an old stone hut and marvelled at the magical sunrise. The route finally led me to Barcelona, where I had an unforgettable encounter: someone spontaneously invited me to their home. (Thank you Pau!)

My journey continued to Tarragona, where I bought an internet card and food with the music I mad on the streets. At Christmas, I enjoyed the hospitality of two lovely people from Senegal who invited me to a festive meal. (Thanks to Cheikh and Mangoné)

But then I met people who would change my travelling style. A month earlier, I had been given the opportunity to sail to the Canary Islands. To get to know them, I was allowed to sleep in their house for the next two weeks.

On 18th January 2024, a new adventure began that filled me with anticipation and curiosity.

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