Published on 30 June 2023 at 15:42

A new life full of boundless freedom and independence - that's how June 2023 began for me in Germany. But on my journey to France, I already noticed a problem...

So, in front of me was an exciting adventure, but even while hitchhiking to France I realised that I was carrying too much weight. The full 75L backpack and my big guitar are nothing for long journeys. My minimalist travelling plan was a challenge at first, forcing me to shed weight and break out of my comfort zones. In just under a week, I hitchhiked through the beautiful roads of Germany, Holland and Belgium to my first longer stay in Normandy, France.

If I start again, I would think very carefully about what I really need. Do I really need 3 pairs of trousers, or is one enough? Do I need a (metal) compass, several earrings, two knives, a saw and all the stuff that outdoor retailers wanted to sell? Or would a 30-50 litre rucksack be fine?

Each time I thought something like "Oh, the 3 wooden spoons, that's not much weight." or "Better a few more socks." But my back doesn't want to walk more than 2 hours with it.

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