About me

Welcome to my world, where adventure and discovery go hand in hand. Since my bold move to leave the German system behind in June 2023, I have been on an ever-spontaneous journey with no fixed plan and an open heart. From Germany to the picturesque Belgium and Holland to the vibrant cities of France and Spain. I am experiencing the freedom of travelling as well as the hurdles in its purest form.

But that was just the beginning. In January 2024, I swapped the paved roads for the endless expanses of the ocean and sailed for 5 months along the coast of Africa and far beyond. My journey took me to exotic places like Lanzarote, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast before I finally landed on the idyllic island of Sao Tomé.

My motivation? To explore, experience and share the world. I am here to reveal the beauty and fascination of Africa, to honour and celebrate the people and cultures of this fascinating continent. Every day is a new opportunity, a new adventure. Follow me on Instagram or WhatsApp and discover the unconventional journey of a brave soul!